Solomon’s Knot Shawl at Sheep and Shawl

I will present a brand new workshop at Sheep and a Shawl in Deerfield, MA, Sundays, July 12 and 19, 1:00-3:00pm. Advanced beginners who know how to single crochet and chain will enjoy learning the Solomon’s knot or the lover’s knot, an intriguing crochet stitch that can be used to make open lacy summer pieces. Using a technique of pulling up uniform loops we’ll create a fabric with plenty of drape. The shawl pattern is versatile and customizable to a variety of sizes. It also works equally well with a DK or worsted weight yarn. 

Wool, alpaca, and silk provide drape and just enough warmth to chase the chills of evening breezes or office air conditioning.  Students will learn how to make the stitch with a versatile pattern that can be customized to desired size. We will add an edging and learn finishing techniques for this lacy work.  Materials:  1 skein, at least 150 yards of a wool/silk blend, an alpaca silk blend yarn, or even an alpaca cotton blend works well. DK or worsted weight will work. This is enough to make a shawlette; if a larger finished piece is desired, more yarn will be required. You’ll need a crochet hook to create desired gauge, H/8 or G/6 If you already have both, bring them. I will also bring hooks of different sizes for students to try. This stitch really is so versatile that you can play with hook sizes and yarn gauges successfully for a variety of finished looks.

Call, email or stop by the Sheep and Shawl store to sign up!

The Solomon’s Knot is a traditional decorative motif used since ancient times and by many cultures. It appears in many forms and in different media.

This photo, thanks to Wikimedia user Valdavia, shows an ancient roman mosaic in the Vila of La Olmeda, Pedrosa de la Vega. (More about this image.) The finished crocheted interpretation looks a little different, but this where we draw our inspiration!

Many vintage patterns incorporate or even feature this unusual stitch. How about this set for the next baby in your family?

Image Courtesy of Free Vintage Crochet

Of course you don’t have to turn to vintage patterns to use your new stitch. A search on lover’s knot or on solomon’s knot on Ravelry turns up lots of exciting possibilities.

Solomon’s Knot Shawl at Sheep and Shawl

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