A Crochet Refresher

A Crochet Refresher is the first of two new and fun spring crochet classes at Sheep and Shawl, located in South Deerfield, MA. You can call 413-397-3680 or stop by the store to sign up. A Crochet Refresher will be offered Sunday’s 1:00-3:30pm, twice 3/6 and 4/3.   The cost is $20 per person. Each student shoulda bring 50 yards of a light colored worsted weight yarn and a size 4mm hook, both available at Sheep and Shawl.

It’s been a while since you picked up a hook, and you’ve got your eye on a project or a class. YouTube is great, but you can’t ask your iPad “is this where my hook goes next?” Or “how come my double crochet stitches look like that?” In this Refresher, we’ll cover all of the basic stitches (single, half double, double, treble and slip), review of hooks, yarn and other materials, 
the language, abbreviations, and symbols, 
and a quick review of finishing techniques. This is a techniques class, so you can just swatch. If you prefer to make something, I will provide a pattern for a little crocheted pouch that incorporates all of the stitches (except the treble.) If we get through all of this before the 2.5 hours is up, we’ll also work a simple flower as a refresher for motifs and an embellishment for the pouch. This isn’t a beginner’s class! It’s meant for those who have made crochet projects in the past, and need some review of the basics and assurance that they have got it right.

A Crochet Refresher

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