Sweet Marguerites

I love crocheted motifs, I love crocheting with thread, and I love vintage patterns. I’m bring all three together for Sweet Marguerites. This one time workshop meets Sunday 3/20 or 4/17 1:00-3:30 PM at Sheep and Shawl in South Deerfield. Call 413-397-3680 or stop by the store to sign up. The cost is $20 per person. Students need to bring at least 50 yards of size 10 Crochet cotton and a size 1.5mm crochet hook. If you use any kind of magnification when you craft, or you have a portable battery powered craft light, bring it.

 Vintage crochet patterns abound with floral motifs. They appear as inserts on nightgowns and linens, embellishing pillows and antimacassars and in trims. One old favorite is the Marguerite or Paris Daisy. These delicate, but relatively simple motifs are a good introduction to working with crochet thread. Familiar crochet stitches a brought together in an unusual way to create the petals. We’ll make a finished project of a shade or lamp cord pull with one motif, but I will also demonstrate join as you go techniques for future projects.


Sweet Marguerites

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