There’s Cozy. And Then There’s Thrummed Cozy.

Bring up the topic of thrums and inevitably a number of people in a room full of experienced fiber folk will ask “what’s this thrum, you speak of?” Thrumming is one of the ways to incorporate fiber in addition to the yarn used for stitches to make an extra cuddly and warm garment. Loops of unspun roving are worked into the stitches. The outside of the garment is decorated by charming little pearls of roving. The inside of the piece becomes lined with the loops of roving. Upon completion, the thrums produce a sigh inducing soft lining.  Over time, the roving felts to make an even cuddlier lining. Combine a soft yarn you love to touch such as Valley Yarns Stockbridge, with an especially soft roving such as merino or blue faced Leicester, and you’ll have a something to make you feel better about cold weather.

Cold weather crocheted accessories benefit greatly from this embeshiment. They tend to be more open in their stitches. The thrums fill in and back the spaces between stitches for better warmth. The thrumming technique is not particularly difficult to learn, with the right instruction. The Crocheted Thrummed Baby Hat workshop at webs  (Saturdays, 1:30-3:30 pm 2/27, 3/5, 3/12) features a small sized pattern, to keep learning this new technique manageable. The pattern has been designed to be fully adjustable. It can be worked to any size, with or without ear flaps.


There’s Cozy. And Then There’s Thrummed Cozy.

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