Shibori at the Winter Market

Vireo Fibercrafts will be at Northampton Winter Market every Saturday, now through April 30. I will have for sale various Shibori dyed items; scarves, socks, and wraps for furoshiki. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese way to wrap items for safe keeping or transport. It is a versatile, beautiful and sustainable way to wrap and present gifts here in the 21st century. They can be reused again and again and laundered as needed. Wouldn’t it be cool if every time we gave each other gifts, part of the fun was anticipating the new furoshiki cloth? It’s wrapping a gift with a gift!

Special for Valentine’s Day at the Winter Market! 20 x 20 squares $10 each, with a complimentary empty box, if you like. Perfect to wrap up some Shibori socks or felted critters from Chris! You can wrap most any shaped thing, as there are a variety of techniques. Fabulous for books! 

Speaking of fabulous, the Winter Market in Northampton is just that. Lots of yummy fresh and local food, crafts, house plants, music and more brought to you, by your neighbors! 



Shibori at the Winter Market

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