Fall 2018 Crochet

Free Crochet Drop-In

Thursday’s 5:30-8:00 pm 9/27, 10/25, 12/6 5:30pm–8:00pm.

If you get stuck on any of your crochet projects, I’ve got you covered with free crochet help! Bring your pattern, your yarn, and your questions to Crochet Drop-In at WEBs. No pre-registration is required, it’s a true drop-in!

Crochet Drop In is not a beginner’s class. It is a first come, first served open session for anyone with crochet project questions. You don’t need to have a problem to get help. If you are starting a project, we can take a look together at the pattern and translate stitches and instruction, and discuss materials. If time allows, you might even be able to start a swatch we can review together.

If you are looking for help on a project in progress, be sure to bring your project with what you have done so far, including any swatches. Please don’t leave it at home or rip it out because it “looks bad”. This is how we will diagnose your project and get you on track to finish it successfully.

Crochet Basics: Crochet II

I will also be offering Crochet II (Wednesday’s 6:00-8:00 pm 11/8-12/13/17). If you have taken Crochet I or have otherwise learned the basics, we still have a couple of spots left!

Fall 2018 Crochet

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